ALEASTUR counts with different production units organized in two separated business units serving both the Aluminium and the Steel industries.

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Aluminium division is specialized in manufacturing grain refiners and master alloys for the aluminium industry. Most of its production is focused on manufacturing Al-Ti-B alloys in coil format such as AlSr, AlB, AlTi, AlZr, AlV.

Aleastur is now supplier of the most prestigious and demanding companies world wide.

Our alloys are finished and deliver to our customers in a diverse physical formats and dimensions depending upon the metal addition procedure of our demanding aluminum cast-houses.

Due to our fully motivated orientation over the years rendered to our customers in terms of our high Quality and Service standards along with our commitment for continuous improvement and permanent innovation, ALEASTUR is undoubtedlytly considered to be nowadays one of the 3 top worldwide players in the Grain Refiner industry.




The Steel Division is, on the other hand, highly reputated in the production of certain auxiliary products and specialty refractories for the Steel industry, still developing a significant number of new highvalue added products in the recent years.