Asturiana de Aleaciones, S.A. (ALEASTUR) is a Spanish company specialized in the manufacturing of specialty alloys for the aluminium industry since 1985.

The main activity of ALEASTUR is the manufacturing of Aluminium Grain Refiners and Master Alloys, mainly in rod form and ingots. Nowadays, it is undoubtedly considered to be one of the top Aluminium Grain Refiners players in the world.





Family owned company Asturiana de Aleaciones, S.A. is founded.


Absorbed local company in the value added chain of some special products for the Steel Industry.


Grain Refining business expansion after a minority buy-in of the Spanish PE Capital firm GED.


Established 100% subsidiary Company in the US.


A subsidiary logistic company is founded in Holland (100% share).


Majority JV with a German Partner for the start-up of a new facility in Spain.


Beginning of the activity of  Esal Rod Alloys, SA (ESALROD)

Corporate identity and values

Quality as a base for improvement

Maintenance of the highest quality level and global competitiveness has allowed ALEASTUR to consolidate its position in the worldwide market keeping a solid and growing reputation.

Specialized in the manufacturing of high value-added and technically complex products, as a driver for our permanent motivation in the continuous improvement of our operations along with our aspiration to succeed in the highest technological challenges.

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Globally oriented

ALEASTUR has developed over the recent years different distribution strategies in order to be globally represented in several new locations of a large number of countries.

Being permanently present as well in the most prestigious international forums and technical congresses, has propelled its corporate brand and image to become a synonym of a high-ranked and reliable partner in terms of quality and service all around the world.

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Continuous R&D

Reseach and Development efforts and resources are truly considered in ALEASTUR to be the core engines for future growth and sustainability. Permanent allocation and high commitment doses permit the R&D staff to be constantly involved in several different projects.

Certain worldwide registered patents shall to be considered not only as part of a prevention program but also a proof of the valuable know-how internally developed over the years.

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Growth commitment

From its very foundation, ALEASTUR has been intrinsically focused in the search of new markets and develop high-valued projects oriented to serve the global geographical demand.

Presently the outmost significant example of this policy is definitely the new production unit recently established in Spain along with a German industrial partner, Esal Rod Alloys, S.A. (ESALROD).

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